Tire Handler for the mining industry

For sale and available from stock! Brand new 32 ton Hyster forklift with a tire handler/manipulator to change the tires and wheels of the mining haul trucks.

The basic forklift is a Hyster H32XM-12 with a capacity of 32 ton, equipped with a 16 km/h speed limiter and a hydraulic accumulator.
The tire handler is an IMT TH36K164 Long Arm, which has the following features:

-Capacity 16.300 kg
-Clamping span 121.9 cm – 416.6 cm
-100 degree body rotation
-360 degree rotating pads
-Hydraulic fallback protection (operated from the cab)
-Rim flange hardware handling pads
-Side shift

Are you interested in purchasing this Hyster forklift with IMT tire manipulator? Click here for all details or contact us for pricing. We can ship this tire
handler worldwide as a complete machine. Besides that we can train your technical staff, supply spare parts and return on-site for maintenance or repair.

Hyster-IMT-mining-dumper-tire-change-64021    Hyster-H32XM-tire-handler-64021

Tire-Handler-mining-dumptruck-64021    Tire-Handler-64021

Montacargas-manipulador-neumaticos-venta    Tire-Manipulator-for-sale-64021

Hyster Tire Handler

A tire handler is a forklift with a tire handling attachment, also called a TireHand® or Tire Manipulator. Hyster tire handler forklifts are designed to support the mining and earth moving equipment industries across the world. For example, they are used to change the complete wheels on heavy mining dump trucks like Caterpillar and Komatsu (dumpers). Ensuring fast and cost effective tire changes on heavy duty mining trucks in demanding environments, the Hyster tire handlers provide maximum protection for mechanics, excellent all round visibility and an advanced hydraulic control up to 10-way control ability.

For Hyster forklifts used as tire handlers we work together with IMT (Iowa Mold Tooling). IMT is the preferred supplier of Hyster. Their engineers work together closely, which makes it an easy to install plug and play system. The forklift will be delivered from factory with all the necessary hydraulic controls for the tire handler such as body rotation, grip pad rotation, fall back protection and an inhibit switch for unclamping.

We can supply the tire handling attachment as a dual function hang on model (hook-type or pin-type) with Quick-Disconnect couplings in order to switch between tire handler and forks. It will take approximately 15 minutes to change from tire handler to forklift and vice-versa. If general cargo handling is not required, we can supply the tire handling attachment as an integrated model. Which means that the tire handler has a carriage which fits directly into the mast of the Hyster forklift. With an integrated mounting of the TireHand® you will lose less capacity compared to the hang on model.

The Hyster forklift models which are mostly used as a Tyre Handler are; H8XM-6, H14XM-6, H16XM-6, H16XM-12, H18XM-12, H20XMS-9, H25XM-9, H30XMS-9, H32XM-9 and H32XM-12.

The available IMT Tire Handlers are; TH5K115, TH10K135, TH15K160, TH20K167, TH25K165 Short Arm, TH25K165 Long Arm, TH36K164 Short Arm and TH36K164 Long Arm.

We can ship your Tire Handler worldwide, assemble the machine on-site, train your service engineers and supply genuine spare parts etc. etc.

Don’t hesitate to contact us if you wish to receive a quotation for a Hyster Tire Handler!

Transportation of a Hyster Tire Handler

This month we have sold our Hyster Tire Handler to one of our overseas clients. It is a 32 ton Hyster forklift, model H32XM-12 with an IMT TH36K164 tire manipulator. The machine will be used in the workshop of an African mine to change the wheels on the large mining dump trucks (haul truck).

As in most cases, we arrange the sea freight to the nearest sea port of the final destination. But first we needed to arrange the inland freight from Nijmegen, the Netherlands to the port of Antwerp, Belgium. The dimensions of the Tyre Handler are 11.10 x 3.45 x 4.07 m and the total weight is 50.000 kg. Due to the height of the Tyre Handler, it needed to be transported by a narrow bed low loader. It has been transported by Van Wieren Special BV with a special 4 axle narrow bed low loader.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you are looking for a Tire Handler. We ship worldwide, assemble our Tire Handlers worldwide and train your local staff as well. Beside that we supply the spare parts and can return on-site for maintenance or repair.

Coil boom spreader attachment for reach stacker.

Steel coil handling with Hyster reach stacker

We were invited to visit the Hyster HUB event in Weeze on October 5th 2016. The HUB event is organized every few years by Hyster Europe. Different heavy forklifts, container handlers and reach stackers are showcased and  different applications are demonstrated. For example empty container handling, laden container handling, 90 ?  lift on the reach stacker and steel coil handling with a forklift and coil boom spreader attachment for the reach stacker. Below some highlights of the event:

-Steel coil handling with a 25 ton forklift (H25XM-12) and a reach stacker (RS45-31CH) with coil boom spreader attachment. (tool changer / multi-tool attachment)

-Rotating seat on the Hyster H25XM-12 with coil ram. (better view and easier maneuvering when driving backwards)

-Two weighing systems – Static and Static PLUS – that can be fitted to the Hyster reach stackers to obtain a Verified Gross Mass (VGM), as required by the recently introduced SOLAS Legislation.

-90 ?  Lift on the Hyster reach stacker to lift a container from the 2nd row.

-The brand new Hyster J8.0XN, a Lithium Ion battery powered 8 ton electric forklift. Battery charging to 100% in only two hours!  Zero emissions and quiet operations.

-The ‘Cool Truck’ which helps prevent truck engines from overheating due to dust, dirt and debris in the paper and recycling industry.

-The Hyster Tracker™ fleet management system.

hyster-reach-stacker-45-ton-blog112016 25-ton-forklift-steel-coil-handling-hyster-h25xm-12-coil-ram-blog112016 reach-stacker-coil-boom-attachment-blog112016 steel-coil-handling-attachment-spreader-hyster-reach-stacker-blog112016

Dismantling a 45 ton Hyster reach stacker

We buy and sell heavy forklifts and container handlers around the world. Due to the large dimensions of the machines they could not
be transported as complete machines. For example this Hyster reach stacker RS45-31CH with a total weight of 72 ton and a height
of 4.70 m, could not be transported as one piece. In this case we send our service engineers over to dismantle the reach stacker
on location and prepare it for transportation. It has been transported by Van Der Vlist on a 4-axle Nooteboom lowloader.

If you are located in the Middle East, Africa or South America and are you looking for a new or used reach stacker? We can arrange
export documents, shipping and we can send our service engineers to assemble the reach stacker on your location.  Besides that we
can train your local staff, supply you with genuine Hyster spare parts and return on-site for maintenance or repair.

Click here if you are you interested in the used Hyster RS45-31CH in the below photos.

assembly-Hyster-RS45-31CH  dismantling-Hyster-reach-stacker
Hyster-reach-stacker-assembly  90039-used-45-ton-Hyster-reach-stacker-for-sale
Hyster-45-ton-reach-stacker-assembly  Hyster-reach-stacker-transportation


Shipping Hyster forklifts on flat racks

Sometimes if you need to ship heavy machines to certain areas in the world, it happens that there are only container vessels available. We had an urgent inquiry for several 12 ton and 16 ton Hyster forklifts, from an overseas client. What to do if he need the forklifts like yesterday and there are no […]

Hyster spare parts for sale

Hyster spare parts for sale in our online shop www.titoparts.com!

Good news for our clients who don’t have access to a spare parts catalog, we have interactive parts drawings from most of the Hyster big trucks on-line.
Our delivery times are short, because we are located on a 2 km distance of the Hyster Big Truck factory and their European spare parts warehouse.
No problem if you are for example located in Nigeria, Kenya, Djibouti, Chile or Colombia. We ship our Hyster parts fast and worldwide by TNT or DHL.

You can easily create an account and just add the required Hyster parts in your shopping basket.

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Hyster forklift parts online

Hyster forklift parts online


Genuine Hyster spare parts 

Used Hyster forklifts (new stock)

We have received many used Hyster forklifts over the last weeks.

Used Hyster 12 ton forklift H12.00XM-6

Used Hyster 16 ton forklift H16.00XM-6

Used Hyster 18 ton forklift H18XM-12

Used Hyster 25 ton forklift H25.00F


Used Hyster 25 ton forklift H25XMS-9


Last week a used Kalmar DCD250-12LB forklift arrived at our premises, this truck is from 2008 and has only got 2.950 genuine working hours. The forklift is fully serviced and just ready for your heavy application.

This used 25 tonne Kalmar forklift is equipped with a 4 m duplex FFL mast (Full Free Lift), Volvo stage 3A diesel engine, Dana automatic transmission, “Spirit Delta” cabin with air-conditioning, radio / CD player and a Be-Ge heated driver seat.
Simply click here for more information and photos of this stunning Kalmar forklift.