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Hyster Laden Container Handler – the fastest way to handle laden containers

Container handling requires speed, especially when laden containers need to be shifted. A top handler, such as the Hyster Laden Container Handlers is the fastest way to handle containers in the first row and is the best solution when a second and third row container handling is not required.

Hyster container handler 44 ton container handler

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Container handler for sale Hyster H44XM-16CH

H40-50XM-16CH Laden Container Handlers

This laden container handlers series has several benefits, as these handlers are developed using experiences from operators all over the world. They are equipped with masts, making it possible to achieve never before seen levels of speed in handling first row containers. The operator compartment is placed towards the rear of the machine, which is unique for laden container handlers, providing an excellent all round view. In addition, it has the chassis and the complete drive train of the Hyster ReachStacker series.

Tito can deliver any laden container handler in the H40-50XM-16CH series. Besides the top handler and container handler for containers, Tito also offers a container forklift. The container forklift is a great option to use, even on a rough terrain. Here at Tito, we offer both new and used stockreachers of high quality. We also have the right solution for handling empty containers, as well as for any other kind of load with our heavy-duty fork lifts. There is also a large choice of used equipment, depending on the current stock. If you want to find out which equipment fits your application best, just contact us.

For your convenience, the following tables list the model numbers for North and South America (‘US’) and the rest of the world (‘European’). A ‘-‘ indicates no equivalent model number exists.

Hyster container handler Africa Hyster assembly Africa

Laden Container Handlers


Hyster 44t toploaderHyster frontloader 44 ton

H44XM-16CH Laden Container Handler

The Hyster H44XM-16CH laden container handler is the most widely used model in the H40-50XM-16CH series container handling trucks, and part of a proven and reliable family of fifth generation machines. It features first row stacking capabilities of 20’, 30’, 40’ and 45’ ISO containers up to 5-high.

          • A Cummins QSM 11 diesel engine with low exhaust emissions, tropical cooling (up to 50°C ambient temperature) and a 700 liter fuel tank;
          • Automatic transmission shifting with protective lock-out on forward-reverse shifting;
          • Hyster 20’-40’ telescopic top lift spreader for handling ISO containers with a height of 8’ to 9’6”, with automatic twistlock locking. Unlocking is done manually.
          • Twistlock indicator lights in the cab, and on the spreader;
          • Twistlock lock-out device, built into the spreader, to help prevent engaging a container by less than 4 corners or unlocking when carrying a container;
          • Lift interrupt system, to prevent lifting a container with partially turned twistlocks;
          • 4 Lifting eyes, on the 4 corners of the end-beams of the telescopic container spreader, for lifting general cargo;
          • 30’ automatic stop, required for handling 30’ containers.

The operator compartment is ergonomically designed, providing the best operating conditions in any type of circumstances, with air conditioning and a fully adjustable suspension seat with armrests, high backrest and safety belt.
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