For over 39 years, Tito Lifttrucks BV is the address for everything you need to get your goods, containers and virtually everything else lifted, moved, stowed, and stacked. We specialize – but not solely – in Hyster material handling equipment. Although we sell and service other brands, Hyster is our preferred brand. We are conveniently located just two kilometers from the Hyster big truck factory and their European spare parts warehouse, making it very easy to quickly obtain necessary parts and get them shipped to our clients. Please note that Tito Lifttrucks BV is not an authorized Hyster dealer or distributor.

Why Buy at Tito Lifttrucks?

Tito Lifttrucks BV is renowned with its customers for delivering an all-in-one package, making us the one-stop-shop for all your lifting equipment needs. We deliver and optionally ship, assemble, service and repair all our heavy forklifts, reach stackers and container handling equipment. In addition we have all kinds of spare parts readily available, and if necessary we can send a service engineer anywhere in the world in case you need an emergency repair done. Also don’t forget our other unique service offerings:

  • //  Training for operators and mechanics
  • //  Maintenance and repair
  • //  Fast parts supply
  • //  Large stock, both new and used
  • //  Worldwide delivery
  • //  Outstanding service

Training Operators and Service Engineers

If desired, we will train your drivers to handle your forklift, container handler or reach stacker, and your service mechanics to maintain and repair the equipment. This can be done at our location in Nijmegen, the Netherlands, or on-site.

Maintenance and Repair Material Handling Equipment

It is possible to have us carry out repairs and do your regular maintenance, all on-site. We can arrange to send one of our mechanics over when necessary.

Fast Spare Parts Supply

When a part on your forklift, container handler or reach stacker needs to be replaced, the last thing you want to do is wait. You need to get the spare parts as soon as possible. We are able to deliver most spare parts of your reach stacker or forklift fast, no matter where in the world you are.

Large Stock of new and used machines

Tito Lifttrucks BV has many machines in stock, both new and used. Often what we don’t have in stock we can acquire quickly, usually within a few weeks. This is especially true for Hyster and Kalmar equipment. So if you don’t see a particular forklift, container handler or reach stacker in our stock list, please contact us.

Worldwide Delivery of our machines

Wherever your business is located, we can get the machine to you. We deliver FCA port of Antwerp, Rotterdam or Amsterdam, EXW Nijmegen for European destinations and optional CIF to virtually any port in the world. Optionally, we assemble the machine on-site, once it has arrived. For more details, please read our FAQ or contact us.

Outstanding Service

The feature we are most renowned for is our after sales service. We have no complex service policy, just one rule of thumb: we don’t stop until our client is satisfied. This means that in case there is a problem, we keep working until the problem is solved.