Tire Handler for the mining industry

For sale and available from stock! Brand new 32 ton Hyster forklift with a tire handler/manipulator to change the tires and wheels of the mining haul trucks.

The basic forklift is a Hyster H32XM-12 with a capacity of 32 ton, equipped with a 16 km/h speed limiter and a hydraulic accumulator.
The tire handler is an IMT TH36K164 Long Arm, which has the following features:

-Capacity 16.300 kg
-Clamping span 121.9 cm – 416.6 cm
-100 degree body rotation
-360 degree rotating pads
-Hydraulic fallback protection (operated from the cab)
-Rim flange hardware handling pads
-Side shift

Are you interested in purchasing this Hyster forklift with IMT tire manipulator? Click here for all details or contact us for pricing. We can ship this tire
handler worldwide as a complete machine. Besides that we can train your technical staff, supply spare parts and return on-site for maintenance or repair.

Hyster-IMT-mining-dumper-tire-change-64021    Hyster-H32XM-tire-handler-64021

Tire-Handler-mining-dumptruck-64021    Tire-Handler-64021

Montacargas-manipulador-neumaticos-venta    Tire-Manipulator-for-sale-64021