Tito Lifttrucks – Est. 1979

Our company was established in 1979 under the name HVN, which stands for ‘Heftruck Verhuur Nijmegen’ (Forklift Rental Nijmegen). We were then specialized in forklift truck rental. To be able to rent out trucks, we obviously had to buy several machines, so gradually our business focus shifted towards buying and selling new and used machines.

Specializes in Heavy Lift Trucks and Container Handlers

Our initial name provided difficulties among our growing international customer base, so in 1990 we changed the name to Tito Lifttrucks BV. Tito Lifttrucks now specializes in heavy lift trucks and container handlers with a capacity of 10 tons and above. Selling and renting out to customers in more than 60 countries. Also a numerous of reach stackers are always in stock. We also still rent out and sell lighter machines, please contact us for when you’re looking for anything below 10 tons.