Heavy Duty Forklifts

High capacity forklifts from Hyster

Looking for a high capacity lifttruck? Tito delivers heavy duty forklifts ranging from 8-16 tons to 36-48 tons.

Hyster Heavy Duty Forklifts are available in four series:

      • Lifting capacity from 8 to 16 tons: H8-16XM
      • Lifting capacity from 16 to 18 tons: H16-18XM(S)
      • Lifting capacity from 25 to 32 tons: H25-32XM(S)
      • Lifting capacity from 36 to 48 tons: H36-48XM(S)

Although these series are very different in functionality, purpose and build, they share a number of features that make these heavy duty forklifts among the most popular in de the world.

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Hyster Forklifts with excellent features

They all feature a Cummins diesel engine with various power options, each complying with the strictest environmental emission regulations. Drive trains are equipped with automatic transmissions, while every machine is provided with the famous Hyster Vista cab. This operator compartment offers excellent comfort, all-round visibility, outstanding ergonomics and a low noise level. Each heavy duty forklift is designed to operate in tropical conditions, up to 50°C in normal applications, or up to 45°C for heavy duty operations.

Reach stackers and container handlers

In addition to high capacity lifttrucks, Tito Lifttrucks delivers Hyster reach stackers and empty container handlers / laden container handlers.

Don’t hesitate to contact us to find out more about our offerings. Please note that Tito Lifttrucks BV is not an authorized Hyster dealer or distributor.