Heavy Duty Forklifts 36-48T

High capacity forklifts from Hyster, for handling 36 to 48 tons

The series Hyster heavy duty forklifts are completed with the H36-48XM(S) series, capable of handling loads from 36 to 48 tons. Other Hyster high capacity forklift series include the Heavy Duty Forklifts series 8-16 tons, 16-18 tons and 25-32 tons. Please contact us if you would like more information on the possibilities of each series.

The H36-48XM(S) series heavy duty forklifts consists of seven models (five US-models), and shares many similarities to the Hyster reach stacker series and the H40-50XM-16CH laden container handlers. The main difference with these machines is that on the forklifts the cab is mounted all the way up to the front, to provide better fork handling visibility. Of course you can contact us to find out which machine suits your application best.

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Stable forklift trucks

The H36-48XM(S) are extremely powerful machines, with class leading lifting speeds. The standard 224kW/300Hp Cummins QSM11 diesel engine is capable of reaching an average lifting speed of 0.37m/s. The stable trucks are running on large 18.00×25 wheels on all models, providing longer tire life and lower running costs.

All forklift trucks are compact, with a wheelbase of 5.9m and a turning radius of only 7.72m. The short ‘S’ models are even more compact, with a wheelbase of only 5.38m and a turning radius of 7.10m.
The following table lists the model numbers for North and South America (‘US’) and the rest of the world (‘European’). A ‘-’ indicates there is no equivalent model available.
Heavy duty forklift 36-48 tons



Diesel engine

The Hyster H36-48XM(S) models feature some impressive specifications:

  • Tropical cooling package, suited for working in ambient temperatures of up to 50° C;
  • Standard protection systems for engine (Cummins QSM11) and transmission (SOH TE-27);
  • Excellent visibility all around and on the handling operation with the front ‘mid-high’ mounted cab;
  • Hyster ‘Vista’ cab offers excellent driver comfort, ergonomics, low noise and includes air conditioning as standard;
  • Soft-shift autoshift transmission (APC200 system), featuring a protective lock-out to prevent forward/reverse shifting at speed;
  • Excellent maintenance access, with a powered sideways tilting cab and lightweight floor plates.

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