Heavy Duty Forklifts 25-32T

Hyster high capacity forklift series handling 25 to 32 tons

The Hyster H25-32XM(S) series heavy duty forklifts is the next level in high capacity lifttrucks, up fromthe 16 to 18 ton forklifts. The series consists of nine models, including two dedicated container handlers and has been designed for demanding applications in the heavy industry and container handling sectors.

Tito Lifttrucks also delivers Hyster forklifts for different applications, like the Hyster Heavy Duty Forklifts series 8-16 tons, 16-18 tons or 36-48 tons. Please contact us to find out which forklift applies to your business.

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Complete range forklifts

The H25-32XM(S) series consists of seven mid-range forklifts with capacities of 25 tons @ 900mm up to 32 tons @ 1200mm load center, of which three are ultra-compact ‘S’ models, able to work in very restricted operating spaces. In addition, there are two dedicated container handler models, with dedicated carriages for high container lifting capacity. If you need a dedicated container handler able to stack containers more than 2-high, you can take a look at our Hyster Laden Container Handlers and Empty Container Handlers. In case you need to stack containers in second and third row, we have several reach stackers available.

The following table lists the model numbers for North and South America (‘US’) and the rest of the world (‘European’). A ‘-’ indicates there is no equivalent model available.



Container handlers


Diesel engine

The models in this series are equipped with the powerful 230Hp Cummins QSC8.3 industrial diesel engine conforming to Stage IIIA emissions legislation. The drive train features an SOH TE17 autoshift transmission. The drive axle uses oil immersed ‘wet’ disc brakes. The H25-32XM forklifts feature power-on-demand load-sensing hydraulics – an effective way to substantially reduce fuel consumption.

The forks are Hook-type quick-disconnect forks 2440mm long, suitable for 20’ ISO container pockets. The Dual-function carriage is also Hook-type, with a quick-disconnect feature for fast interchange between forks and a coil ram or other handling attachment.
‘Vista’ Operator Compartment

The Hyster ‘Vista’ operator compartment is located in a mid-high, forward position offering excellent comfort, all-round visibility, outstanding ergonomics and a low noise level. The series comes with different operator compartments, depending on the model:

  • Open module on forklift models.
  • Fully equipped cab on container handling models.
  • Levers for mast lift & tilt and sideshift, plus switches for fork positioners on forklifts.
  • Joystick for ‘single-handle’ intuitive control of mast lift, tilt and spreader functions on container handlers.

The H25-32XM(S) series is designed to operate in ambient temperatures up to 50°C in normal applications, or up to 45°C for heavy duty operations.

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