Are you interested in a used forklift for your company? Tito Lifttrucks BV from The Netherlands has the best brands and models! We can offer you excellent purchase or rental agreements for all used forklifts.
Tito Lifttrucks BV specialises in renting and selling new and used forklifts, container handlers and reach stackers for internal transport. We are experts at drawing up a purchase or rental agreement to comply with your specific needs. After all, every company has different requirements. You can buy or rent a new or used forklift. Renting a used forklift is possible for short, medium or long periods. We will provide you with unique service and maintenance terms.
Tito Lifttruck BV is the best company for buying or renting a used forklift! Take a look at our stocklist on this website and let us know which used forklift you need! Call us on +31 24 378 11 11 or send your email to We can take care of the whole shipping process and deliver to your nearest port.